Little Bows and Arrows

Cotton Leggings - Bloom Floral Print


Little Bows and Arrows for Babes

We are so excited to offer these exclusive print leggings from Little Bows and Arrows. We hand selected two prints that we feel are colorful, happy, and align with our vibe here at Bloom San Juan! We've put our own babies in these soft cotton leggings since day one, and they are by far the coziest pants around. The folding waist helps adjust to their size, whether they are growing into a size or out of a size, they are just perfect!

Little Bows + Arrows has always been founded on the combination of cute + cozy. Whether you’re buying for your own babe or as a gift, we can assure you our items are handmade with love and ready to be loved and passed down for years.



Foldable waistband + ankle cuffs provide extended wear.

Soft + durable.

*exact pattern position may vary.


-Machine Wash Cold

- Lay flat to dry.

- Some light fading may occur over time.