San Juan Island Sea Salt

San Juan Island Sea Salt Madrona Smoked Pepper Salt Grinder


San Juan Island Sea Salt

All in one, synergistic seasoning in an easy to use, easy to refill grinder, now Madrona smoked! Both our sea salt and the organic black peppercorns we mix them with have been cold smoked with Madrona wood for about 20 hours. As you grind, a deep smoky aroma will arise and make your food pop!

You will be blown away when you try this new take on the classic seasoning combo. It works perfectly to get a quick kick of seasoning on a fresh tomato, hard boiled egg, corn on the cob, or darn near anything else. Great for picnics, mobile feasts, or just breakfast this grinder makes seasoning fun!

Ingredients: Coarse Madrona Smoked San Juan Island Sea Salt, Organic, Fair Trade Madrona Smoked Black Peppercorns
Net Wt: 2.25 oz

NOTE: Due to our salt's high mineral content (it attracts moisture strongly), this grinder does not work very well with our salt by itself. Sometimes in high humidity environments the grinder may gum a bit. If you find this try shaking it a few times or you can try blowing air through the grinding head to clear it.