Nice to meet ya...

It started on a small vegetable farm outside of Seattle, where I met my now-husband, Brady. He grew up here on San Juan Island, and it was only a matter of time until we made the trek ourselves, leaving the mainland farm life behind for a world of salt and flowers in Friday Harbor. A love of growing vegetables turned into trying my hand at growing flowers, Those blooms ended up being a much welcomed gift to my family and friends who were getting married that first summer. Eventually, a niche was found and I started growing flowers for weddings here on the island.

Growing flowers turned into a love of making bouquets and designing centerpieces. Along with that, came a love of getting to know the couples I was working with, understanding the vision that they had for their wedding day, and finding the decor that would bring that vision to life. What I saw time and again was that, above all, couples wanted their guests to feel welcome, warm, and to have the beauty of the island shine through in their chosen wedding venue. 

As my business started to evolve, so did the stage of life we were in. After 2 years of living minimally and getting our businesses off the ground (check out San Juan Island Sea Salt too!), Brady and I got married, had two beautiful kids and moved into the house where Brady grew up. We have spent the past 6 years making it our family’s home: reclaiming a garden overgrown with blackberries, mowing space for new orchards, renovating an 80s inspired kitchen, painting the high vaulted ceiling a bright white and filling it with the laughter, tears, and love of a new family.

Now, in both my business and personal life, home is what guides me. After all, the most beautiful weddings are the ones where everyone feels comfortable, where everything feels meaningful, where you—in essence—feel like you’re at home.